Seven interior design tips for a cozy home

When one talks about tastefully done interiors, it’s not about how much fortune was spent on furnishings and showpieces, it is rather about a well-thought-through concept that makes a certain space worthy of its purpose. “A well-designed home should showcase an interesting balance between aesthetics and functionality and also achieve this play of design elements seamlessly,” said Swapnil Sharma, senior interior designer, Studio Archohm. So, what exactly are these elements that help in creating a home which instantly makes one feel at ease and comfortable? Let’s have a quick look.

Defining spaces: Spatial planning is the most essential part of designing. It is all about understanding the space and categorising it as per the functions. Zoning sets the ground rules that help in associating certain activities and moods with their spaces. This identification of spaces acts as the first step in achieving the transition of a house into a home. Playing with volumes: Usually, people equate a small area with coziness, but does that mean that a big open space cannot be so? All you need to do is play with the volume and create focus. Depending upon the function, artworks, tall sculptures, and plants can do the trick. Adding decorative screens to divide spaces, and playing with the flooring pattern to facilitate visual impressions of a smaller room (without disrupting the flow of movement) are more ways to achieve the same.

  Personalised corners: Coziness in homes can also be created by creating intimate seating spaces. They are not only conversation starters but also practical choices. These little nooks usually become favourite hangout spots adding value to every inch. Even an oversized sofa, lining a space, can act as the perfect tool to create an area that shouts out casual comfort. Good lighting: Play of light in interior spaces is way more important than most perceive it to be. It beautifully enhances the aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency of a space. Light coming from multiple sources creates mood and adds to the design language. The proper combination of decorative and architectural lighting together produces the best results. As lighting is extremely space-oriented, understanding its use is important. The ambiance of any space can be transformed with well-planned lighting. It is the main player which has the power to add visual warmth and make everything and everyone look better. Choosing the right materials and textures: Material palette plays a very crucial role in defining spaces. A material like wood not only acts as a decorative or functional feature but adds texture and warmth. Given its organic nature, using it on floors, walls and even in patterned ceilings helps bring in the natural coziness to a space with ease. Soft furnishings, on the other hand, are the obvious choice for adding character. Bringing in bold contrasts with accents: Coziness can also be achieved by just adding accents. It can be a classic furniture piece, a feature wall creating focus, or an eclectic mix of small elements that can help in enhancing the narrative. But not to overdo it equally important. Balance, rhythm, and symmetry are keywords that help in achieving the same. Elevating with elements: Fireplaces are a classic. Designing a space around it immediately ensures effortless comfort and luxury. Even if a built-in fireplace is not possible, adding a portable one to any room in the house instantly takes the comfort quotient a notch above. Like fireplaces, artworks too are an obvious answer. Water features are one of the oldest chosen elements to add serenity to spaces. By: Lifestyle Desk

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